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By incorporating EV chargers at shopping centers and retail locations, businesses can draw in shoppers, elevate customer experiences, and establish themselves as eco-conscious and visionary establishments. The outcome is a surge in foot traffic and the potential for exponential revenue growth.

The Top 5:

Drive customers to your stores! Discover the top 5 advantages of installing EV chargers at your business here:

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  • Increased Foot Traffic: Offering EV charging facilities attracts a wider range of shoppers who appreciate the convenience of charging their electric vehicles while shopping, leading to increased foot traffic and potential revenue growth.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Providing on-site EV chargers improves the overall shopping experience, allowing customers to charge their electric vehicles conveniently while shopping, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Competitive Edge: Installing EV chargers sets your shopping center or retail business apart from competitors, positioning you as a progressive and customer-focused destination, which can attract new customers and retain existing ones.
  • Sustainable Image: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability through an EV charging infrastructure enhances the reputation of your business as socially responsible and resonates with environmentally-conscious and community-minded consumers.
  • New Revenue Opportunities: By offering EV charging services, your shopping center or retail business can generate additional revenue streams, offsetting installation costs and providing an opportunity for long-term profitability.

Boost Foot Traffic 

EV Chargers Attract EV Drivers

Increase attraction with EV charging solutions. Our detailed guide explains how EV chargers can boost visitor dwell time and generate additional revenue. Discover the future of retail and prepare for the electric vehicle boom with our comprehensive insights. Click the button to download the PDF and learn more.

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In the year 2022, the United States witnessed a remarkable surge in electric car sales, soaring by an impressive 55%. This significant growth propelled electric vehicles to capture a noteworthy sales share of 8%.


According to a recent study conducted by the Department of Transportation, a staggering 83% of electric vehicle owners expressed a higher inclination towards patronizing businesses equipped with EV charging stations.


Research has demonstrated that businesses can achieve remarkable savings of up to 40% on fuel expenses and an impressive 60% on maintenance costs simply by transitioning their corporate fleet to electric vehicles (EVs).